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The Solutions Teaching Challenge


Teaching the SAT & ACT is no simple matter, and providing CLEAR, SIMPLE, FAST, and RIGHT explanations so students understand and learn is even harder. Many subjects can be "taught" just by reciting facts and knowledge - anyone can do that, including a book.


The SAT & ACT require teaching problem-solving, logical reasoning, and performance, something MUCH harder to do. Thus, scoring 2400 on the SAT, graduating from Harvard, or being a PhD college professor has absolutely no correlation to the skill and talent required to teach the SAT or ACT properly.


We invite you to test us against the "Ivy-League Degree" "PhD / College Professor" "2400 Perfect Score" "Best Tutors" "Trained Teachers" "Expert Instructors" of ANY other tutoring / test prep out there. **Chances are likely you won't get anyone to agree to our challenge because they know they can't measure up**


An SAT / ACT Course is ONLY as good as its Teacher. Our explanations and solutions are amazingly CLEAR, SIMPLE, ELEGANT, and RIGHT. Complex & confusing problems are suddenly made comprehensible to a student. ( When you've literally explained every test question more than 300 times, you get pretty good at it )

To prove this point:

1) Do some real questions from the Official SAT Study Guide

2) Take them to ANY other instructor / teacher / tutor and give them however much time they need
to look at it and come up with a good explanation.
Come to us and we'll explain the same problem to you.


                          "Um, I'm not sure"

                                                          "I couldn't solve it myself"

          "I took the SAT like 6 years ago, and don't remember what was on it."

                                                "It's really hard to explain"

              "Hold on - let me see what the Instructor's Manual says"

       "Actually, you should just read the explanation yourself on the next page"

                                                                 -  Other Company Instructor


      This would NEVER happen with Solutions. Unfortunately, it's all too common at other places.


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