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I am a credentialed teacher with over a decade of expertise

teaching more than 2000 students. This is not a side hustle or part-time gig.



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Absolutely Proficient and Talented Teaching


I teach, diagnose, and tutor students for a living, and take SAT & ACT exams and develop assessments. This is not a side gig to earn extra cash.


I am a full-time professional credentialed teacher & tutor who teaches 7 days a week. Over the past 9 years I have personally taught and tutored more than 2000 students in middle and high schools, offices, conference rooms, and over online meeting calls.


My teaching experience includes planning lessons, creating worksheets / handouts / homework problem sets, and developing quizzes and exams. I have written and produced hundreds of pages of teaching & instructional materials.


When it comes to the SAT & ACT, I have personally taken more than 60 SAT exams and 40 ACT exams, developed hundreds of pages of SAT & ACT course review content, and analyzed over 7000 SAT & ACT exam questions.


I am a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley and hold a Teaching Credential from University of California at Davis. That means my teaching methods are based on extensive cognitive and learning research of how students learn and understand the best. I understand student thinking, memory, attention, language, problem-solving, and learning at a level far beyond other teachers & tutors. ( this is an example of font that captures focus )


In addition, I have a corporate background, having worked several years at two large management consulting firms and two large banks.


If I canít help you and you are not learning, I will stop the lesson and you will get a refund for any unused time.


There is a Right Way to Teach & Tutor


Your lessons are just the tip of the iceberg.


The preparation and planning for your lessons actually started years before your first lesson: I have spent months going through and analyzing problems and questions, then putting together study materials and handouts, worksheets and reinforcement practice problems.


It takes time to do things right. Just as with any well-rehearsed performance, tutoring is not something you can just walk into. With utmost attention to detail, every problem and explanation has been taught and adjusted literally hundreds of times.


Proper teaching & tutoring goes far beyond just answering questions


1. Assess Knowledge


The first thing that needs to happen is I assess and determine what your teacher / professor has covered in class, what you are supposed to know, what you do know and what you don't know. I assess and verify your understanding by asking your knowledge of concepts, and test you by giving you problems to solve. You would be surprised how many kids think ďYeah I know it" but actually don't.


2. Fill In Knowledge Gaps


I donít waste time reviewing what you know, but I also find any gaps or deficiencies in knowledge that need to be learned. Iíll go back only as far as I need to. I provide far better teaching and explanations than other teachers / tutors so that you will UNDERSTAND and REVIEW what you donít know.


Every lesson and explanation is adjusted in REAL-TIME just for you: the speed & pacing, the complexity of explanation, and how far back we need to go to fill in those knowledge gaps. That also means how advanced we go is also based on your ability.


If you need more practice and reinforcement, I will give you practice problems and homework.


3. Diagnosing the Problem


I analyze and diagnose what is going wrong with your thinking and reasoning to figure out what is going on. This is far more complex than most parents and students realize. Parents and students love to blame ďthe teacher doesnít teachĒ as the primary cause, but actually it isnít. There are many different levels and reasons why students are having issues, from confusing different concepts or making mistakes they donít realize, to not paying attention and jumping to conclusions, or just not knowing the material.


- I know if you aren't getting it but you think you do. The most common mistake of students is that they insistently think they are right, but canít seem to get the correct answer. Also many students get the right answer by guessing or chance.


4. Solving Problems & Answering Questions


Unlike other tutors who are essentially talking textbooks or talking web-pages that just answer questions, what I provide is real teaching and learning. You will not learn just by listening and looking at answers. You will learn by thinking about what you are supposed to do and then doing it. I will push you to think so that you understand not only WHAT to do but also WHY you are doing it.


You get CLEAR, SIMPLE, and CORRECT solutions and explanations to problems. You won't get any confusing explanations or answers that don't make sense. You will learn the RIGHT Way ( and WRONG WAYS ) to solve every question and problem. Yes, there are actually wrong methods to solve problems.


What you learn goes beyond just math or SAT or ACT: real critical thinking, problem solving, analytical skills, and organizational and proper study skills necessary to succeed in college and in life. These are lessons that you do not learn in school or from textbooks.



There are Many Wrong Ways


1. Talking textbooks


Teaching isnít just answering questions. Most students donít know what they donít know. An answer or explanation to a problem will be incomprehensible without the prior knowledge that itís based on.


2. Incompetent / inexperienced / bad teaching & explanations


Poor teaching results in confusing or complex incomprehensible explanations. Often you get a ďtalking textbookĒ who simply reads off a solution / answer that you could have just read on your own, or watched on YouTube.

3. Tutors who canít figure out what you are doing wrong


Without knowing what a student is doing wrong there is no way to fix the problem


4. Group Tutoring ( 2 to 5 students )a logistical disorganized mess designed to rake in profits


You thought you were getting private tutoring, but itís actually a small group of students.

It's impossible to properly teach anything when you have 2 - 5 kids all working on different problems and at different ability levels. This is even WORSE than a class because at least in a class everyone is doing with same stuff and going through the same questions


5. Wasting valuable time that you paid for


Other tutors waste valuable lesson time by starting lessons late and ending early, going over material you already know, talking very slowly and losing the studentís attention.

6. Random tutors


Often with tutoring companies you get random tutors: Tutor Jenny one day, Tutor Sam the next day. They donít know you that well, and donít know what you have already learned and covered.


7. Tutors who suddenly quit on you


With other places, when you signed up you got Tutor Jenny. But Jenny quit after a few weeks, and now you end up with Tutor Fred.


With me, you get a seamless continuity from lesson to lesson. I know what your problem areas are, I know what we did last time, and I know what we will be doing this time.



Congratulations to my students!


This was how we did things back in the old days. As fun as this looks, maximum learning occurs during one-on-one private lessons



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