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Specialized SAT, ACT Tutoring


Students & Parents turn to me because other SAT ACT courses and tutoring just don’t work


With other places you get inexperienced tutors, awful teaching, terrible explanations, only partial review of the concepts being tested, and incorrect tips and strategies.


I have personally taught and tutored the SAT & ACT to more than 2000 students over 11 years. I have personally spent months taking, analyzing, and going through more than 60 SATs and 40 ACTs ( more than 8000 exam questions ), so yes I know what will be tested and what won’t be tested I have spent months and years putting together SAT & ACT review course materials and handouts which you will get during your lessons. You simply will not find anyone who knows these tests and questions better or has better teaching skills than I do with my years of high school classroom and tutoring experience.


I will teach you things you cannot and will not learn from books, self study courses, or other tutors:


- Know how you compare to other students and where you stand


- Understand what you are doing wrong even though you thought you were doing it right


- Develop the thinking, analyzing, and problem solving skills that you didn't know are necessary to solve the questions


- Every lesson & course is adjusted in real-time based on the student’s comprehension level


- Learn the RIGHT way ( and the wrong ways) to solve every problem on the SAT & ACT, not though guessing / strategies / tips / tricks / random luck.


- Take & go through Real SAT and ACT exams, not fake ones


- I will push you to improve your SAT ACT scores to the maximum possible of your understanding





- Proper reading comprehension techniques so you actually understand what the passages say. Should you skim the passage? Read just the first sentence of every paragraph? Preview the questions first? How do you differentiate between answer choices that all seem right?





- Learn the English Grammar being tested so you can identify the grammar errors and understand why those right answers are correct. DO you know what a subordinate conjunction is? What is a modifying phrase error? These are things you actually need to know to get the questions right.


Actual Question:




- A thorough review of all the Math you had no idea you didn't know. DO you know the difference between the root form and vertex form of a quadratic function? How about how to complete the square?


Actual question




- Science data analysis techniques and background material ( ACT only ). Do you know what is the Independent Variable? The Dependent Variable? How about the correlation between two factors? Can you balance a chemical equation ( stoichiometric coefficient )?



ESSAY WRITING ( You may be lucky because the SAT and ACT essay have been optional since 2021 )


- The right way to write a compelling high scoring essay for the SAT / ACT essay writing portion. What points need to be covered? What analysis needs to be discussed?




The results speak for themselves

Congratulations Jennifer!





Teaching the SAT & ACT the RIGHT WAY down to EVERY LAST DETAIL:

Exceptionally Talented & Experienced FULL-TIME SAT & ACT Teacher


Logistical Details: ONE TUTOR = A consistent, coherent, seamless course from beginning to end


From the beginning, you know who you are working with. Since the SAME PERSON developed and wrote the study materials, planned out the course, does the teaching, knows the student and their personal learning style, assesses the student’s ability and performance, and receives feedback from the student, you get a UNIFIED, COHERENT, CONSISTENT tutor and course. No material is repeated.


GO SEAMLESSLY from Topic to Topic - No separate teachers for each portion of the test, and NO separate Reading / English / Math / Essay lessons


GO SEAMLESSLY from SAT to ACT or ACT to SAT- No wasted time covering stuff you have already done.


Want to know how your kid is doing? Other places give you a computerized printout. If you call them, you will just talk to the office receptionist.


You have access to the tutor directly 7 days a week to find out how your kid is doing. Just text!



Unmatched depth of knowledge, experience, and skill


I am a professional credentialed high school teacher and I have personally taken more than 60 SATs and 40 ACT ( over 310 hours of test taking alone ) to analyze what is being tested.


Because I have taken analyzed so many exams,  I know what WILL show up, and what will NOT show up, so students don't waste time learning unnecessary material


My full-time job 7 days a week for over 9 years has been teaching the SAT & ACT- not 5 hours a week, not 10 hours a week, but every day all day long.


I have taught for various tutoring and test prep companies, and even trained other tutors how to teach.


My courses and lessons are WELL-REHEARSED, MISTAKE FREE, and EFFICIENT because I teach SAT & ACT problems every day.

Every lesson and explanation has been taught, refined, and re-taught SEVERAL HUNDRED TIMES. Yes, I kid you not.



Your lesson with me has been MANY YEARS IN THE MAKING, and is just the tip of the iceberg


Attention to detail: Everything matters, and there is a RIGHT WAY


It takes time to do things right. Just as with any well-rehearsed performance, tutoring is not something you can just walk into.


1) Several months are spent taking more than 60 SATs and 40 ACTs ( 3.5 hours a test x 100 = more than 400 hours ), and new ones as they become available.


2) Weeks are spent analyzing reverse engineering every test question and developing proper solutions and explanations ( figure about 3 – 10 minutes per question )


3) Each solution to a problem is explained and taught to HUNDREDS of students with live feedback, then reviewed and refined.


4) Several months are spent creating, writing, developing, and updating teaching review materials ( more than 200 pages of material ).


5) Before each lesson, a customized lesson plan is put together just for that student


6) Actual lessons are provided to students <<  ( the part that you know about )


No part-time tutor working only 5-15 hours a week is going to invest more than 200 hours taking tests, memorize questions, or have the experience of teaching and refining  solutions and explanations Many people are not aware of the hard work, time, and energy involved in creating the high quality courses that have given me my reputation.


It is impossible for anyone, no matter how smart or brilliant, to walk-in and suddenly become a tutor. What’s the result? Not knowing what they are doing, confusion, inability to solve problems, answering questions wrong, and reciting from an Instructor's Manual.



Real Teaching, Real Learning


I don’t recite from an instructor’s SAT ACT manual while the student stares at a binder or a bunch of handouts ( talking textbook ).  Students do not learn by watching and listening to a teacher or tutor. In order to do what it takes on the SAT or ACT, students need to DO the problems until they know it in and out.


Students will learn the actual concepts and knowledge underlying the ACT or SAT:

real math review, real English Grammar, actual reading comprehension skills,  essay writing skills, scientific thinking and analysis skills ( for the ACT )


- Total understanding of every SAT or ACT reading passage, how to properly read, and how to answer the questions.

- Complete understanding of how to solve every SAT or ACT math problem, and all the math knowledge underlying every question.

- Total understanding of every grammar / English question, and the grammar rules behind every answer.

- How to properly read and understand and interpret scientific data, charts, graphs and experimental design for ACT Science.

- The right way to write the SAT / ACT essay, what you should write about, how you should write it.


Teaching is NOT correcting a test and GOING OVER THE WRONG ANSWERS.


What is real teaching then?


( Other tutors and test-prep companies – TAKE NOTE HERE.  I do have a “Teach the Teacher Program” if you want me train your instructors / tutors. I’ve worked with many public schools and tutoring companies as a teaching consultant. Please email me for further information )


- Based on your abilities and deficiencies, I check and verify your problem-solving to uncover questions you got right the WRONG way ( wrong logic/ luck / guessing ).

- Real teaching mean knowing WHAT questions to ask the students

- I ask students questions ( students usually won’t ask ) to uncover mistakes

- I don’t just give answers but I will challenge students to think so that they understand not only WHAT to do but also WHY they are doing it.

Develop critical thinking, problem solving, analytical skills, study skills, organizational skills


I’m not just teaching SAT & ACT. What you learn goes beyond these exams: real critical thinking, problem solving, analytical skills, organizational and proper study skills necessary to succeed in college and in life. These are lessons that you do not learn in school or from textbooks.


I will challenge students to think so that they understand not only WHAT to do but also WHY they are doing it.


Every lesson is adjusted in REAL-TIME for each student: speed, difficulty, material covered, explanations


I analyze every student as we go, so I know where a student’s deficiencies are.


No slow-talking, boring lectures here. I move at the pace you need: faster or slower


Because I have ALL of the material and more than 6000 questions memorized, the course and lesson content and speed are actually CUSTOMIZED & ADJUSTED IN REAL-TIME for each student, and even the explanations are customized to the level of each student, something simply NOT POSSIBLE with any other tutor or with a pre-structured course ( example: 3 Math lessons, 2 Reading lessons, 2 Essay lessons ).


We will spend more time on areas that need more work, and allocate less time to higher scoring areas.

Unlike other places that have a rigid course, my courses and lessons are CUSTOMIZED IN REAL-TIME.


If students are scoring high in certain areas, the lessons will automatically adjust and adapt to focus on a student's weak areas, without sacrificing the strong areas.


Some students are struggling and won’t be able to learn the more advanced concepts. We skip those and focus on where the student can get the points.

I also adjust the difficulty of the material for each student, thus MAXIMIZING SCORES



The RIGHT & WRONG WAY to solve every single question, not by guessing / chance / elimination / tips & tricks


Students who score high on the SAT & ACT are actually good at solving the problems, NOT because they know a few tricks and strategies.
Despite some popular myths that the kid who scored high learned some test taking strategies that got the 1500 SAT score or the 34 ACT score, that is simply not the case. If it were that easy, no one would need to spend time studying and preparing for these exams.


EVERY SINGLE test question has been repeatedly analyzed, solved and explained to hundreds of students, then re-checked to find the best possible methods.


- Explanations and solutions that are CLEAR, SIMPLE, DIRECT, and RIGHT.


The explanations are even adjusted JUST FOR YOU so you can understand.

My students learn the clearest, most direct, and CORRECT solution to each question, and also learn what NOT to do.


That also means this: YOU DON’T JUST GO OVER THE QUESTIONS A STUDENT GOT WRONG. Many students “got the right answer” as a result of luck / chance / guessing.


I actually know the problems and solutions better than College Board & ACT Inc themselves, who only write the questions and BUT DON’T SEE HOW STUDENTS SOLVE THEM. It’s impossible for them to know the wide variety of creative guessing techniques that students will use to get the questions right by luck. I’ve worked with thousands of students and seen pretty much every type of mistake made.


What a student is DOING WRONG in their approach and thinking, determine what they DON’T KNOW


Students can get a question wrong on several different levels, and without knowing what is happening, students will not get better.  

It’s not just a simple matter of “I don’t remember geometry”. That’s why those computerized diagnostics test prep companies love to give are USELESS

More than 80% of the time, students ARE NOT getting questions wrong because they don’t know the math. What is going wrong is far beyond “Oh, I just need to review these concepts”:  they lack the problem solving and critical thinking skills that OTHER PLACES SIMPLE DO NOT TEACH.


Most students even don’t know THAT they are doing something wrong

Other students simply just don’t WHAT they are doing wrong.


As we go through problems, I will ANALYZE and DIAGNOSE what students are doing WRONG in their approach and thinking, and make corrections.


There is a fundamental difference in the thinking of students who answer questions correctly and those who answer wrong or get lucky.

That's why just explaining a problem ( self-study using a book or watching videos ) is not effective.

That is also why just taking practice test after practice test without tutoring will yield no further improvement beyond the practice effects of test-taking. ( That training method is only for students building endurance and who are scoring 1500+ / 33+ who want a perfect 1600 / 36 )

Also, because I have literally worked with thousands of students, I can accurately tell how a student compares to his/ her peer across different high schools and provide an accurate prediction of the student’s score. Questions such as  Does everyone miss that problem?” “Is everyone having such a hard time with this reading passage or is it just me?” “Do other students who started off like me reach 1400?” etc.



Assessing student performance and needs


I have seen every “type of learning” that there is. Parents all think that their kid has some special unique situation. I’ve worked with thousands of students, and I have seen pretty much all the types of “unique situations” there are. There aren’t that many.


There is no need to tell me “my kid needs work on this area, and she’s good in that area” and “my son is the type of person who tends to...”

Don’t worry- I know exactly what needs to be done. You’re dealing with a professional, not someone who just started doing this.



I push EVERY student mentally to the MAXIMUM of their ability in order to get EVERY LAST POINT


This isn't like taking golf lessons or cooking classes. You will be taken to the limit of your mental ability.


Very few students have the discipline to "study" on their own. I am that coach that pushes them to do more.

Parents – it won’t work coming from you.


Based on my extensive experience, I can tell you realistically what kind of score you can get.

I adjust the lessons and take you as far as you can go. If you don’t improve with me, you won’t improve with anyone else.



100% COMPLETE coverage of all the concepts that will be tested – No more, No less


Ever wonder why your kid has good grades and yet bad test scores?


The SAT & ACT are designed to test specific problem solving abilities and material that are not learned in high school classes.

Preparing for the SAT/ ACT/ AP / Subject tests is very different from studying for a test at school. For a test in school, you just memorize a limited amount of material, take a test, and then just forget it. SAT / ACT / AP / Subject tests are a matter of performance and require a different skill set: endurance, concentration, fast thinking, problem solving, analytical skills, and also a broad range of knowledge.


These skills go to a DEPTH of analytical ability and critical thinking that most students usually are NOT accustomed to except for the high scoring test-takers.


Getting ready for these exams is like training for a triathlon. It’s a very different approach.

- Total understanding of every SAT or ACT reading passage, how to properly read, and how to answer the questions.

- Complete understanding of how to solve every SAT or ACT math problem, and all the math knowledge underlying every question.

- Total understanding of every grammar / English question, and the grammar rules behind every answer.

- How to properly read and understand and interpret scientific data, charts, graphs and experimental design for ACT Science.

- The right way to write the SAT / ACT essay, what you should write about, how you should write it.


Unless your tutor has taken at least 10 of the new SATs or ACTs ( and that’s 98% of the tutors out there ) they can’t possibly to know all the types of questions and material tested on the SAT & ACT. Because I have actually spent all that time taking and analyzing that many tests for many years, I know what will be tested and will not, and I make sure you know.


My curriculum covers a COMPLETE, COMPREHENSIVE, IN-DEPTH 100%. I know what WILL show up, and what will NOT show up, so students don't waste time learning unnecessary material.


All the curriculum review materials have been written by me personally ( Yes – I provide all the review materials to the students, and NO, it’s not 500 pages of useless material ), and cover ONLY WHAT you need to know. Nothing more, and nothing less



Real SAT & ACT practice exams only


You need to practice from the real exams. Why? Because the SAT & ACT questions are written in a very specific way and test very specific problem solving logic. Those fake SAT & ACT exams in books and given by other test-prep companies might look the same, but fundamentally test something different.


If you are trying to get good at basketball, playing soccer just isn’t the same.





I have literally memorized more than 50 HOURS OF TEACHING MATERIAL, making it possible to skip forward or backward or go to any point of ANY LESSON at ANY TIME.


I can skip right to the parts you need work on, without wasting lesson time going over stuff you already know.


No student ever has to sit there wasting time going over material that they already know.


Even more importantly, since I have the questions and answers memorized, NO TIME IS WASTED reading over the question, thinking of a solution, then trying to teach it. I can answer instantly.






No false claims. Proof right here: Just one of my many students. Congratulations Kathy!


Here is what a VERIFIED, GENUINE SCORE INCREASE looks like from one of my students:


Here is what a VERIFIED, GENUINE SCORE INCREASE looks like from one of my students:


Another student of mine started at 30 then went up to 34. Indisputable proof of score increase.


Irrefutable proof of SAT score. Great job Ji-Won!


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