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Academic Success / Study and School Skills

Drowning in schoolwork and extra curricular activities?


Feeling helpless because you can’t take it all on?


Balancing and prioritizing your life is a key foundation to doing better in school and not feeling overwhelmed.


Learn how to take control and get organized so you get things done and have a plan.


Good students think and work differently from lower achieving students.


Is this you?


“I don’t need to take notes. I just watch and listen.”

“There’s no need to read the book. The teacher covers all of it anyways.”

“I’m so busy with other stuff I don’t have time for homework.”


Learn how to do it right and take control of your life.


What you learn from me goes beyond just math: real critical thinking, problem solving, analytical skills, and organizational and proper study skills necessary to succeed in college and in life. These are lessons that you do not learn in school or from textbooks.




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