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Since when did Teaching & Tutoring become a BUSINESS?


Sorry, but teaching & tutoring is not as simple as looking for some business or side hustle to earn extra cash. This isn’t like setting up a coffee shop, bookstore, or ice cream stand. IT ACTUALLY REQUIRES A GREAT DEAL OF EXPERTISE AND KNOWLEDGE




I guess anyone can be a “tutor” and start tomorrow!


If it was so easy then everyone could do it, and you could tutor your own kid and save some money.


Teaching is very serious matter. You can’t just decide one day you want to be a tutor and just start tutoring.


The sad truth is that most of the tutoring and test prep out there is so awful, you are actually better off buying a book and doing self-study and saving your money, or doing the free Khan Academy online. Really? Yes.






Did you know how your tutor was recruited? Probably a Craigslist ad just like this one



Complete Waste of Time and Money


Every year unwitting students endure months of useless tutoring and classes for the SAT & ACT while their parents throw away thousands of dollars with little improvement, only to have to pay for a second or even third SAT / ACT course.



“I didn’t learn a thing in that class”


“My SAT scores stayed the same”


“The instructor didn’t know how to solve the question”


“All they taught me were some test-taking strategies”


"It was a complete waste of time."


 "The instructor couldn't teach."  


"What they told me was wrong."


"The real test was nothing like what we did in class."


Spending thousands of dollars and months of time sitting through SAT or ACT classes is bad enough. Doing it a SECOND TIME because the first course was a waste of time is even worse.




Teaching the SAT & ACT is not as simple as deciding one day that you need a part-time job, seeing a Craigslist job posting, and just walking into a classroom to teach. It's actually something that takes years ( yes, YEARS) of practice, taking SATs and ACTs, and working with thousands (yes, THOUSANDS) of students to get good at. 


Many parents and students learn a real life financial lesson after wasting valuable time and money on SAT & ACT courses which result in little to no improvement in SAT or ACT scores.


No false claims. Proof right here: This student spent $1500 on a class






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