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Remote learning / conference call tutoring versus
In-person lessons and classes:


It works amazingly well



This is NOT the same as large online ZOOM classes your kid went through during COVID-19 in 2020, 2021, 2022


I have been doing Online Lessons and Tutoring since 2010. You read that right. Ten years before people even considered doing online lessons!


Why private conference call lessons are better than in-person lessons:


* Students are busy and tired. Between school, home, work, sports, and other extra-curricular activities, there is just not enough time in a day to drive out then back home.


* Students usually get caught in traffic and are late for lessons, which eats into lesson time paid for. This is from years of doing in-person lessons and meeting at my office.


* Students forget their books / tests / handouts at home or at school, or brought the wrong set of stuff. At that point, we canít go over the material.

* Many students donít have a car or a license, and have to rely on parents to drive.


* With gas now at over $6 / gallon in California, itís just another unneeded cost.


* Some students tell their parents they are going to lessons, but instead do something else. ( Yes, many students actually do that! )


* You have a record of exactly when and how long the lessons are, and if the student actually made it to the lesson.


* We can do lessons early in the morning ( kids can crawl out of bed and do lessons) or late at night ( without worrying about being out late)


* You and I want to take vacations. You can do lessons from anywhere in the world from your hotel while on Spring / Summer / Winter Break.


* The office space is very expensive for me to maintain, and those extra savings are passed onto the students


How Online Teaching & Tutoring Evolved:


In a classroom / conference room layout, students are looking at their papers and at the whiteboard or overhead projector while listening to the teacher talk, but USUALLY, NOT AT ME


The classic "side-by-side" tutoring layout is something I never do because it's very cramped and quite uncomfortable.

Tutors only do that because the student won't be able to read what the tutor is writing if the student is sitting across the table. 

During private tutoring lessons, students are listening to the tutor talk and looking at the test materials or notepad, NOT AT THE TUTOR.



Looking at this photo you can see that with side-by-side tutoring it is cramped & uncomfortable where both tutor and student have to lean in to see what is going on.




Even for in-person tutoring, I do not sit next to the student, but across from the student.  

I can write upside-down, and I write on a screen and there is a second screen facing the student.

The student is looking at the screen or at the test papers, NOT AT ME.



Take the layout above and go one step further and you can see that a conference-call tutoring layout is virtually no different.

The student is still looking at the screen or the test papers, not at me. Everyone has personal space and is comfortable.




There is nothing that is taught differently, explained differently, or missing because it is done via conference call.
We can say this because we have been teaching lessons in-person and over conference calls for years.


The benefits, convenience, time & gas saved ( driving ) outweigh any possible downsides.  


Doesnít the student need to see you?


No. Even during an in-person class or tutoring, 95% of the time students are looking at the test questions, handouts, and whiteboard / notepad.


Teaching is NOT a teacher standing in front of a room and students watching the teacher.

Tutoring is NOT a tutor and student sitting side by side while the student looks at the tutor.


But don't you need to see the problems?

FOR SAT & ACT Course:

No. Unlike standard tutoring where a student has questions and someone would need to see what they are asking or see the book / handout / paper that the student is talking about, this is a COURSE that I am teaching, so I have all the materials and I am the one giving them out to the student. I do not need to see their test papers because I already know what the test questions are



Yes. But this is very easily taken care of. Most handouts are in PDF / Word / Google Docs form, and the students just send me a copy. If not, students just use their phone and take a photo of the handout and send it to me.


But don't you need to see what the student wrote down?


NO. That is a big misconception of teaching / tutoring that many parents have. Looking at what the student wrote is not of much help:

1)  Most students write in such a way that it is very hard for even the student to read what they wrote, much less for the teacher to make sense of. Looking at what a student wrote down is not very helpful

2)  In a live classroom situation, I would never go to each student and look at what every single student wrote

3) I ask the students to explain what they did, which actually reinforces their understanding of the problem

How can the student see what you are doing?


Technology has transformed what it means to teach and learn. With advances in internet connectivity, touch-screen laptops, tablets and phones, and advances in software, we can now do what could not have been done before.


As I teach and write on the screen, it appears in real-time on your end just as if you were sitting at a table across from me or in a classroom.


I use the same equipment that I use for classroom and in-person lessons. You see a CRYSTAL CLEAR digital whiteboard which appears directly on your  phone / tablet / laptop

This is what the student sees. No different from in-person lessons


Other places have blurry, hard to see and hear online webcam lessons



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